Polish municipal elections in the Hungarian media

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Origo – the portal leads its coverage of the Polish municipal elections with a report that the ruling Law and Justice Party’s (PiS) latest campaign video also features Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán, meeting Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki. Origo points out that since the party’s electoral victory in 2015 its popularity remains high due to the country’s strong economic performance and the fact that Polish voters appreciate the government’s anti-migration stance. It also says the municipal elections are the beginning of a long series, as these will be followed next year by European and legislative elections and a presidential election in 2010.

Magyar Idők – the print and online conservative media leads its coverage with an exit poll showing that turnout was 51.3 percent, the highest since the regime change in 1990. It also reports that preliminary results show PiS is leading with 32.3 percent, followed by the opposition Civic Platform (PO). It says in Warsaw the mayoral candidate of the Civic Coalition, former foreign minister  Rafal Trzaskowski is in the lead.

Magyar Hírlap – also leads with PiS being in the lead, voting sections kept open beyond the deadline in Warsaw due to long queues and quotes PiS president Jaroslaw Kaczynski that the preliminary result of the elections is promising for his party with regard to next year’s elections.

Index – the opposition portal leads with the victory of PiS but points out that the Civic Coalition has received 24.7 percent of the votes compared with 16 percent measured by the latest opinion polls and has thus closed the gap separating it from PiS. It also says that even if political processes are not exactly the same in Poland, trends there may contain important learnings for Hungarian politics as well.


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