Polish researcher: Coronavirus is supercharging communication tech that could change the world

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As the coronavirus crisis drags on, businesses, students and families are turning to online communication tools on a scale never seen before, leading to what one Polish expert believes will be rapid innovation in these products and a change in mindset across the world.

Artur Modliński from the Center for Artificial Intelligence and Cybercommunication Research of the University of Łódź in Poland pointed out that all current communication tools are very similar to each other and haven’t changed much over the years, as they are still based on using microphones and cameras for audio and visuals.

However, he believes that will soon change.

Modliński said that as in all great crises, such as armed conflicts, there has been rapid developments in science and technology.

“This happened during both World Wars, for example. This is why I believe, that new telecommunication solutions will appear quicker under the restrictions introduced due to the pandemic,” he said.

In a sign of how important these tools have become, even world leaders are increasingly conducting high-level summits and negotiating the future direction of the world economy all from a computer screen. There is no doubt that companies that can provide a better communications experience can tap into a market that has become even more lucrative since the coronavirus crisis first began.