Polish truckers to rejoin the farmers in border crossing blockades

A line of trucks on the road in Przemysl, southeast Poland, November 8, 2023, waiting to cross the Polish-Ukrainian border in Medyka during last year's protests, now scheduled to resume on March 1. (EPA-EFE/Darek Delmanowicz POLAND OUT)
By Grzegorz Adamczyk
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Polish truckers are to resume their border blockade protest on March 1 after having previously suspended their protest actions at the turn of the year. Truckers are demonstrating once again because they are not satisfied with what has been done to stop Ukrainian trucking companies from creating unfair competition in the Polish transport market. 

The ongoing farmer protests are also about trade relations with Ukraine, with the farmers protesting about the European Commission’s decision to extend the trade agreement with Ukraine, allowing Ukrainian agricultural products to flow into the EU despite these products failing to adhere to EU standards.

Farmers are also up in arms about EU climate policies, which affect energy costs and livestock farming. On Tuesday, Feb. 27, the farmers are to stage a mass protest in Poland’s capital city of Warsaw.  

The truckers action on March 1 will mark the resumption of action which began on Nov. 6. They had been promised government action to tighten controls on Ukrainian haulage firms, but these promises have not been kept. The truckers are demanding the reintroduction of licensing for Ukrainian truckers.

Former Polish Conservative (PiS) Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki took to X on Monday to support the protesting farmers. He called on the government to introduce an embargo on Ukrainian agricultural products

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