Poland’s left-wing Women’s Strike calls traditional family model ‘fascist’ and too White

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The radically left and pro-abortionist Polish Women’s Strike has pushed for several large changes in many areas of life, and one of them is education.

In a recent Facebook post, the Women’s Strike leveled its criticism towards primary school and kindergarten curriculums which often depict the traditional family model in education books.

“Do you have school-aged children? Then you’ve surely have looked into their school books. The closer one is to the primer, the clearer the stereotypes are,” the organization pointed out.

The Women’s Strike underlined that promoting normality and tradition is detrimental to children and plainly defined the traditional family model as “fascist”.

Such a statement appeared in the first version of the post: “In the pictures and in the text there is always the family model based on a fascist template – a woman, a man, children, all of them White, Polish, not disabled, heterosexual, and cisgender, religious and subjected to Catholic order. Such an example of a ‘one true world’ is a challenge to war which you have thrown at children’s feet.”

Soon after the entry was posted online, it was met with a strong wave of criticism and outrage. Many pointed out that such radical proclamations are why the Women’s Strike was no longer more widely supported throughout the country. Following this outrage, the post was edited to no longer include the adjective “fascist”.

“They changed it, but nothing really vanishes from the internet. They (the Women’s Strike) believe that a normal family; wife, husband, children, are a fascist template,” one user wrote on Twitter.

The Women’s Strike has also stated that the post is part of the organization’s campaign for fair education. As part of this campaign, the organization is “working on solutions for deep and long-term changes in schools and pre-schools.”

One of the first proposals which appear on the organization’s website is the dismissal of the current minister of education, followed by the slogan “end repression of schoolgirls, female students and teachers.”

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