Politicians and media label demonstrators in Chemnitz

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Opponents of migration are not neo-Nazis. Tell it to politicians and media.

Western governments former decided that there should never arise National Socialist dictatorship once again. Real fascism almost disappeared, but politicians had to invent his followers in time to maintain their superior moral goal.

This is a good set up for politicians, especially during massive demonstrations against immigration policy, which imports criminals. The demonstration in Chemnitz was attended by about 5,000 people, a few dozen of them were supporters of the far right. But the media, as well as Angela Merkel, focused only on these neo-Nazis.

However, arrogantly pushing thousands of ordinary citizens into one bag with neo-Nazis will lead to the opposite of the intended. Politicians chose to mark everyone who is against mass imigration as racist and fascist, not only in Germany.

They know these stickers are fake, but they think it will pay off. How will they behave when they find out that politically unacceptable views expressed attitude of the vast majority? Rather, do not think what a silent majority will do if the politicians will overlook it for a long time. We should hope that this conflict will be solved  by the elections.

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