Poll: Czechs dislike Arabs and Roma but love Slovaks and Poles

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Czechs love Slovaks by far the most of any ethnic group, with 84 percent of respondents expressing their approval, according to a poll conducted by the Public Opinion Research Centre (CVVM).

Second place belongs to Poles, with 51 percent of Czechs having a positive attitude towards them.

At the other end of the scale are Roma with five percent and Arabs with seven percent. The survey showed that 59 percent of Czechs dislike the Roma, while 55 percent of respondents expressed their dislike of Arabs.

The survey also showed that less than a majority of Czechs approved of other groups, with 40 percent of Czechs approving of Vietnamese, 37 percent of Germans, 35 percent of Hungarians, and 33 percent of Jews.

According to researchers, the attitude of Czechs to individual nationalities has been relatively stable over the years.

“It is worth noting that the significant increase in antipathy to Arabs stopped in 2017. Another noteworthy change is also the steady increase in sympathy for the Vietnamese,” CVVM researchers noted.

The biggest change, compared to last year, is the increase in dislike for the Chinese, as 61 percent of respondents showed a negative attitude towards them.

People who consider themselves to have a good standard of living express greater sympathy for Germans and Vietnamese, while respondents with a university degree are the ones who like Jews the most.

“We also noticed some differences in the attitude to Arabs, who are more negatively assessed by men, respondents over the age of 60 and people with a high school education but without a high school diploma,” stated the CVVM researchers.

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