Pompeo and Czaputowicz agree on security, Middle East and NS2

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Both diplomats were at one with regard to the Nord Stream 2 project. “We believe that the venture is a mistake and is damaging for energy security in Europe,” said Polish Foreign Minister Jacek Czaputowicz after his meeting with US State Secretary Mike Pompeo.

The two ministers were in agreement as to the aims and objectives of foreign and security policy and confirmed the excellent relations between the two nations. Pompeo described Poland as one of the best friends of the US in Europe and emphasized US satisfaction that Poland is honoring its NATO commitments to the fullest. 

Mike Pompeo stressed that NATO was always able to oppose any aggressor and every threat. He added that US President Donald Trump is grateful that Poland has been fulfilling its duties and supports the Alliance as far as it is possible.

“We discussed plans for enlarging the presence of US forces in Poland,” wrote the Polish Foreign Ministry on Twitter during the press conference:

The two men will together chair the Middle East Conference in Warsaw. “We hope for the opening up of new channels for dialog in the Middle East.”

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