Prague places 99th for the best hospital care in the world

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Prague has placed 99th in the ranking of cities with the best hospital care in the world, according to a new report.

The ranking, compiled by the British startup company Medbelle, took into account not only the quality of medical care but also its accessibility for all citizens.

In the survey, Prague performed particularly well in the availability of medical care. Overall, Tokyo placed first in the ranking, followed by Boston, London, and Paris. Dubai came in 100th place, just behind Prague.

Medbelle pointed out that the presence of a world-class hospital is not the most important criterion for performing well. Other factors like infrastructure and the availability of medical care to all citizens also played significant roles in the overall ranking. If there is no easy access to health care, there is still room for improvement, the company said.

Medbelle’s ranking was based on several criteria. Regarding the quality of health care, the authors of the ranking focused on factors like patient satisfaction and the success of cancer treatment.

The infrastructure evaluation included the number of top-level hospitals and leading medical universities in a city, the number of hospital beds per capita, and the number of nurses, surgeons, and psychiatrists per capita.

The availability of care was based on the price of medicine and on whether health facilities serve all citizens or only the rich and privileged ones.

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