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How Poland lost the war against COVID-19

Poland belongs to the group of countries where the pandemic had the…

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Czechia will admit Belarusian medics and their families, the government decided

The new tax will affect several kinds of media including television, press…

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The myths surrounding Polish Health Minister Łukasz Szumowski’s resignation

Aug. 20 is Hungary's national founding day — a day which traces…

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Polish minister of health resigns

The Norwegian citizen has been accused of transferring security sector information to…

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Poland should use coronavirus crisis to strengthen the state

1,500 servicemen are performing coronavirus epidemic duties

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Coronavirus: Hungary, Czechia, Poland, and Slovakia rank in top 10 for number of hospital beds per population

Influential Spanish blogger Elentir compares the responses of his country’s government to…

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Poland’s health minister should be praised for coronavirus reponse: opinion

Czech government closes schools, bans cultural and sports events

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Poland secures borders from coronavirus

"A rebel prime minister of a rebel country has shown the way,"…

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Polish government boosts funding for cancer and rare illnesses

President Duda announced that government medical spending will exceed EUR 24 billion…

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Minister: Poland is prepared to deal with the coronavirus

Kaczyński is determined to remain deeply engaged with the presidential campaign

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Prague places 99th for the best hospital care in the world

Ursula von der Leyen names Hungarian commissioner candidate.

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