Poland’s health minister should be praised for coronavirus reponse: opinion

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I’ll be the first person to praise Minister of Health Łukasz Szumowski and appreciate his hard work over the last few weeks. Based on his physical appearance alone, it is clear how much of his own health his efforts have cost him.

Whoever is observing his actions should feel fairly secure when it comes to the coronavirus outbreak in Poland.

He is taking the right actions to combat threats, even a year before they happen. I’m talking about the bill introduced last year concerning illegal repurchasing of medicine from retailers.

It was owing to this procedure that medicine for Poles were transported abroad and liquidated at Western market prices. The difference went to the pockets of those from the health industry mafia.

After the bill passed, there has no longer been issues with Poles losing access to medicine that was once sold abroad. As coronavirus hits the planet, it is clear just how important this bill was in hindsight.

Minister Szumowski also called for a summit of the European Parliament where the proper approach of member states to the coronavirus outbreak was discussed. The Polish health minister is also always up to date on what is happening in Poland and continuously implementing new procedures to combat the spread of the virus.

The ministry also organized a system to disseminate information on public media on what to do when we see the virus’s symptoms. A bill for combating the virus was also swiftly passed in parliament.

Poland is one of the first EU states to decide to introduce sanitary control at its borders.

All of these steps taken by the Ministry of Health shows that they are operating on full gears.

I currently feel secure and trust the Szumowski and his colleagues’ actions due to their professionalism. I would not even want to consider the state of my well-being if this virus outbreak happened under the Civic Platform (PO) government five years ago.

I would like to point out to all of those who constantly criticize the government and trick others by saying that state intervention in the country should be limited. Please, just imagine what would be happening today if the state’s role was truly limited by those who want to the government’s hands tied in the face of a crisis.

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