“Pro Chemnitz” take to the streets

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Several hundred people took to the streets of Chemnitz in a march organized by the right-wing “Pro Chemnitz” organization. There were no left-wing counter-demonstrations on Thursday. 

On twitter, journalist Tobias Bosse reports that the leader of “Pro Chemnitz” Martin Kohlmann asked the gathered: “Aren’t Poles, Hungarians, Czechs and Slovaks better for us than the stupid Wessi [slang for West Germans]?”


Aren’t Poles, Hungarians, Czechs and Slovaks better for us than the stupid Wessi?

Another tweet from Julia Grass shows protesters singing the German national anthem and shouting “We are the nation!”


The minister of the interior of Saxony Rolland Woeller underlined that “the situation remains tense.” He also added that “we will not allow for radicals eager for violence and right-wing perpetrators to run the streets.”

The situation remains tense

The local authorities also held a meeting with citizens in the Chemnitz stadium as “a citizen’s dialog”. Order was maintained by the local police who also surrounded the stadium. The police checked people arriving to the stadium to make sure that they weren’t affiliated with “Pro Chemnitz”.


Last Sunday during a town festival there was a fight between locals and a couple of Middle-Eastern immigrants. The result was the death of a German man and the arrest warrant for the Syrian and Iraqi and a riots on Monday.

After the riots which erupted during the right and left-wing demonstrations, the police were criticized for not deploying enough officers.

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