Is demographic disaster about to hit Poland?

Demographic catastrophe is looming over Poland

editor: REMIX NEWS
author: TVP Info

Empty playgrounds, an aging population and a lack of opportunity are not unique to Poland. But that fact does not make depopulation any less pressing an issue for the Polish government.

Radom, about 100 kilometers south of Warsaw, is like many towns and smaller Polish cities losing residents. Many of these residents are leaving for bigger cities, such as Warsaw, seeking better economic opportunities. At the same time, slow family formation and low birthrates are further hampering growth.

In 1999, Radom was inhabited by over 232,000 people. Five years later, Radom had 4,000 fewer people. By the end of 2018, the town was inhabited by just above 200,000 people. In October 2019, this number dropped to just 197,173, an almost 35,000 decrease compared to 1999.

The Radom Town Hall claims that the number of registered inhabitants can differ from the actual one, saying, “Many people live in Random but don’t register. These are visitors, those who are looking for jobs and those who avoid paying alimony.”


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