Poland smeared as colonizer during Nobel Prize ceremony

Social media users struck hard against Tokarczuk and the Nobel Committee

editor: REMIX NEWS
author: Niezalezna/Twitter

Polish social media exploded in outrage when the chairman of the Nobel committee referred to a “Polish history of colonialism and anti-Semitism” during his speech celebrating Olga Tokarczuk’s Nobel Prize win.

“Polish literature is shining in Europe – it already has several Nobel Prizes in its output, and now it’s time for yet another, for a writer of world-wide renown, broad interests, which connect elements of poetry and humor in her work” Per Wastberg, chairman of the Nobel committee, said during his speech.

Yet the representative of the Swedish Academy followed up his statement with a blatant attack on Polish history.

“Olga Tokarczuk uncovers the history of Poland at the crossroads and perhaps even heart of Europe, as a country which became a victim of desolation by great powers, but also as a country which has its own history of colonialism and anti-Semitism.”

Wastberg’s words were not met with any official condemnation, but it is no surprise when they echo Tokarczuk’s own claims from 2015 when she stated that Poles should “face their own history” and not hide “all those terrible things we did as colonizers, a national majority which suppressed minorities, slave owners and murderers of Jews.”

Social media did not hide its disdain for Tokarczuk and Wastberg.


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