Robert Lewandowski goes to bed with the Champions League trophy

The Polish footballer ended the League as the top scorer after his team Bayern Munich defeated Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) in the finals

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author: Polsat News/FB

To share his historic victory with the world, Polish football star Robert Lewandowski posted a picture on Facebook in which he is lying in bed with the Champions League trophy.

The photo received over 1 million reactions.

Although the renowned football player of Bayern Munich did not score a goal in the finals against PSG itself, he ended the entire season as the top scorer after scoring 15 goals throughout all of his matches.

“My happiness is immeasurable, we worked so hard for this success. Both me and the team tried for so long to get this trophy. We won all of our matches – no one had done that before us. I am very proud of my team,” Lewandowski said during his post-game interview.

Lewandowski previously played in the Champions League finals in 2012/2013, when he was a player for Borussia Dortmund. He did not manage to take home the trophy that year.


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