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Polish football star Robert Lewandowski wins European Golden Shoe award

The Golden Shoe is a prestigious award given to the footballer with the most goals scored during the season in the strongest European football leagues (the English, German, Spanish, Italian, and French leagues). The final result in the classification is calculated by multiplying the number of goals in a season by two, making Robert Lewandowski’s […]
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tstart: 1634646171.4427 tend: 1634646171.4485
tstart: 1634646171.4547 tend: 1634646171.4601
tstart: 1634646171.4604 tend: 1634646171.4657
tstart: 1634646171.466 tend: 1634646171.472
tstart: 1634646171.4723 tend: 1634646171.4781
tstart: 1634646171.484 tend: 1634646171.4897