Sexual harassment scandal hits Budapest theater

#MeToo in Hungary?

editor: REMIX NEWS
author: Bálint Bordács

One of Budapest’s most acclaimed theaters, the Katona József, has been hit by a sexual harassment scandal, news portal Origo reports.

The institution was reportedly trying to keep a tight lid on the details of the case but now has issued a statement to address the rumors.

Katona management’s statement, issued on Tuesday, said that a staff member has been fired and banned from the theater for repeated inappropriate conduct and that the institution will offer psychological assistance to those involved.

“The management of the Katona József theater has learned that one of its contract staff has repeatedly displayed behavior transgressing moral boundaries on several occasions,” the theater’s statement said, adding that offended staff member wished to remain anonymous.

While the offender has not been named, sources told Origo that it was one of the theatrical directors who sexually harassed a number of actresses.

Back in 2017, at the peak of the #MeToo scandals, Katona even mounted a production about sexual harassment.

Title image: Frontispice of the Katona József theater of Budapest.


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