Slovak PM: If I reach 10,000 Facebook likes, I will send my family to get vaccinated

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Slovak Prime Minister Igor Matovič is willing to send his family to get vaccinated against coronavirus to prove that it is safe, however, he said he would only do so if he reaches enough likes under on his Facebook account. Matovič himself can get vaccinated in about three months as he is currently infected with COVID-19 after he came down with the illness before Christmas.

In a post on his Facebook profile, he stated that some people accused him of making the coronavirus infection up. “I did not fabricate my positive test. I’m not happy I had to be locked in one room for 10 days. I didn’t want a Christmas dinner with my family over a video call,” he added. If he could, he said he would be among the first vaccinated for coronavirus. “I was literally looking forward to being able to lead by example and be vaccinated among the first … and I just wanted to do it so that I could prove to all of you who doubt that I am not afraid of vaccines, and you do not have to be either,” Matovič wrote in a post on Facebook. However, those who have had a coronavirus can be vaccinated no earlier than 90 days later. So, in order to prove to people that he was not afraid of vaccinations, Matovič promised to have his mother and his wife Pavlína vaccinated. But it has a condition. “Therefore, if you think it’s right for two women of my life, whom I certainly wouldn’t want to hurt, to prove instead of me confidence in the vaccine … give me a like or a heart emoji. But I will only persuade my mother and Pavlínka if there are at least 10,000 likes and hearts,” concluded Matovič.

Title image: Igor Matovič (Facebook)

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