Slovak police detained 42 Syrian migrants traveling in a truck

Some of them tried to escape

editor: REMIX NEWS
author: Ivan Vilček, Právo

In the Slovak village of Horná Štubňa, in the central part of the country, Slovak police detained 42 migrants from Syria who jumped out of a Turkish truck on Tuesday.
The driver of the truck stopped at a rest stop near the village of Horná Štubňa, and migrants immediately jumped out of the trailer. “Two of them went to the local train station to find out where they were. They were detained on the spot,“ said the police. Some migrants were detained by police in the forest, while another group unsuccessfully tried to escape.
According to the police, there were five women and 37 men; there were no minors among the migrants. “Their planned destination was Germany,” said police spokesman Peter Slivka.
Slovakian TV Markíza reported in the evening that the police will not provide any further details, as the migrants are still being interrogated. “It is not yet known whether these people will apply for asylum,” Slivka added.
Title image: Detained Syrian Migrants. (Police of Slovakia, Facebook)


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