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Slovak trust rankings place teachers at the top, politicians at the bottom

According to a recent public opinion poll, Slovaks tend to believe in teachers and doctors, while politicians, the court of justice and the government are at the bottom of the rankings.

editor: REMIX NEWS

Poštová banka reports that 514 respondents took part in the survey. Teachers were the most trustworthy group among men, women, younger and older respondents. According to sociologist Zora Bútorová this is a sign of the strong role and prestige of teachers in Slovak society. “However it is also true that during the teacher’s strikes the support of the public was not as high and parents are trying to influence the teachers much more frequently,” Bútorová added.

The second most trustworthy group consists of doctors, while other institutions and professions received significiantly lower rankings. The army, which used to lead the polls for a decade is now just as popular as the police. The least trustworthy groups include bureaucrats, government officials and politicians. Interestingly, NGO’s trustworthiness is also fading.

The results of the survey fall in line with Focus agency’s opinion poll, which identified universities as the most trustworthy institution, while the government, parliament and the court of justice was much less liked.