Smer: We will always be against accepting immigrants

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The events in Chemnitz show that the integration of immigrants into society is a lengthy process with doubtful outcomes, claims governing party Smer on its Facebook page.

The party states that despite pressure from the “slnieckars” (the urban liberals), it will not change its initial position and will always be against accepting immigrants.

“The demonstrations and the violence in the streets of the city as a reaction to the inexplicable and unforgivable attack of the immigrants to a German citizen is showing that the events traumatized the public. Due to our own cautiousness the Slovak citizens are not confronted with similar events,” Smer states.

Chemnitz has been facing protests and rallies since Sunday when in the early morning hours a 35 year old German citizen was stabbed by a young Syrian and Iraqi immigrant. The two suspects were arrested and charged with manslaughter.

On Monday, demonstrations by the far right resulted in 20 injuries including two policeman, and similar demonstrations took place in other cities as well as Dresden and Cologne, where the right and left clashed.

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