The EU is an unlawful entity, and students will learn this fact during history lessons, says Polish education minister

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Poland will now teach students that the European Union began as a lawful entity but has now morphed into an unlawful one due to violating its own treaties and legal frameworks.

The move comes as Poland’s education minister, Przemysław Czarnek, seeks to revamp the country’s education system to focus more on national pride rather than cultivate a “culture of shame”, according to a report from

“We have given Europe much as Poles and in many areas. Knowledge on this subject is limited, and it seems that it should be more widespread so we can be proud of being Poles. We cannot feel proud if we do not know our own history,” stated Polish Education Minister Przemysław Czarnek in an interview for Radio Wrocław.

As part of the new curriculum, students will learn about the most crucial events which shaped the fate of the modern Polish state. These include: Poland’s accession to the EU, the Lisbon Treaty, Poland’s functioning as part of the EU, and the evolution of the EU “from a lawful entity to an unlawful one”.

“The EU is an unlawful entity today which does not abide its own legal frameworks, and we can see this clearly. Students will be learning about this because they must understand the situation in which we currently are,” explained Czarnek.