Biden administration drops sanctions against Russia’s Nord Stream 2 pipeline, delivering major victory to Putin

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The final construction phase of the Nordstream 2 pipeline now seems virtually unstoppable after President Joe Biden capitulated and dropped the threat of sanctions against the Russian-German project.

US-based Axios news service has reported that Biden had decided to suspend sanctions against Nord Stream 2 AG company and its director Matthias Waring. The news portal received information concerning Biden’s decision from two independent sources close to the White House.

Biden’s decision is to be included in the report on the subject which the president presents to the US Congress every 90 days. Each version of the report includes a list of companies and persons who currently have sanctions imposed on them. The report is to state that while Russian ships responsible for laying the pipeline will still be affected by sanctions, the main Russian-Germany company conducting the whole construction will be sanction-free.

The report is to also include a statement that the White House’s decision lies “within the USA’s national interests”. Axios interprets this as an indirect indication that the US fears antagonizing Angela Merkel’s government in context of the pipeline.