The four horsemen of the Open Society apocalypse: communism, liberalism, globalism, and racism

The Open Society project is actively promoting an ideology that encourages radical Black people to shoot both normal Whites and Blacks, writes Hungarian columnist Bálint Botond

editor: REMIX NEWS
author: Bálint Botond

The Open Society project has simultaneously unleashed the four horsemen of the apocalypse on the world from its supposedly superior moral and ethical standpoint, Hungarian sociologist Bálint Botond writes in a commentary in conservative daily Magyar Nemzet:

The Open Society project, funded by George Soros, is evidently reaching its conclusion. Having had now openly embraced racism, the ideology it wants to force on the world is now nearly complete. We must regard the Open Society project for the real danger it represents, leaving aside any idealism. This is neither a social initiative, nor the attempt of a billionaire madman to take over power, but is instead an attempt to unleash the combined forces of all known evils against the existing world order.

The first member of the four is communism, which was a failure both in acquiring and holding on to power, and only able to temporarily survive in its most extreme form of Bolshevism. Communism and liberalism both pursue the murderous phantom of equality, thereby giving a theoretical justification for robbing and killing the rich.

The only innovation of liberalism in this respect is that they consider the working, enterprising middle classes as rich, first because they form the basis of the existing society and because the proponents of liberalism obviously cannot target their paymasters, which make up the individual and institutional leading figures of global capitalism.

Liberalism started out as a seemingly intellectual project, but was eventually hijacked by the raving madness of the LGBTQ movement, which peaked in gender theory. Its main proponents are self-proclaimed artists facing an identity crises, psychopathic rappers, and left-liberal politicians virtually indistinguishable from the previous two groups.

Established cultures had a fairly effective means of handling such groups, but globalization and advancing technologies gave birth to thousands of organizations that wield global influence and tamped down efforts to stop resistance to the movement. By now, it has also become obvious that globalization has no other goal than to maintain economic growth only to keep alive our fictional financial systems.

At first glance, it is difficult to understand why anti-White racism has become the flagship of the liberal project, but that is only because no sane man can imagine the destructive desire of these people.

Now, they are egging on radical Black people to shoot White people and normal Black people, but liberals equally hate all races. Their seeming anti-racism is in fact a stance against culture, a desire to forcefully promote equality and at the same time oppose any authority, be that local, state, cultural, or religious.

Should the Open Society project prevail, there will be nowhere on Earth to escape.

It could bring about an absurd world in which China will remain the only place of freedom and order, a world in which all heterosexual White people would choose Putin’s Russia.

The Open Society is also unique in the sense that unlike any previous ideologies, which all promoted building up towards an ideal or end-goal, it is instead one that stands for disintegration.

The only question we must ask ourselves is whether we really want to live in a world imagined by a coalition of self-appointed leaders who are a public menace and disillusioned intellectuals.


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