Hosptial shooting sparks solidarity in Czechia

Czechs show sympathy with the victims

editor: REMIX NEWS
author: Petr Wojnar

A total of seven people died after Tuesday’s attack in a hospital waiting room in the Czech city of Ostrava, but Czechs have responded to the second-deadliest shooting in Czech history with an outpouring of grief and sympathy.

The attack has sent shockwaves through the Czech Republic, which is not accustomed to mass shootings.

On Wednesday, the day after the attack, Ostrava Hospital opened an account to which people can contribute to help the injured and the families of the gunman’s victims. Czechs from all over the country have already sent more than €10,000.

On the same day, the Ostrava City Council decided to pitch in as well. Families of the victims will receive a gift of 100,000 crowns (€4,000) while those who were injured will receive €2,000. Regional councils and the central government will also be contributing funds to shooting victims.

The local football club Baník Ostrava also contributed.

“The club decided to donate part of the proceeds from Saturday’s duel with Sparta Prague to the survivors and victims of Tuesday’s horrific crime. The players and employees of the team will contribute themselves,” said the club’s representatives on Facebook.

Football fans will join their heroes and plan to organize a collection before the weekend match.

The Prison Service of the Czech Republic will also announce a public collection on Monday. Two police officers were among those who died in the hospital waiting room, with one of them shot dead while protecting his daughter.

The seventh victim was a woman who had been seriously injured by the gunman and died two days later. The gunman committed suicide right after the attack.



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