Thousands of Poles rally in Warsaw to support judicial reforms

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On Saturday, 20,000 people protested in Warsaw in defense of Poland’s judicial reforms and “Solidarity” values.

“Today Poland showed its best image. In a sea of white and red flags we fought so that no one would dictate how Polish democracy is meant to look. We fought for the freedom of choice for Poles,” said the head editor of Gazeta Polska, Tomasz Sakiewicz, while thanking those who took part in the protests.

Sakiewicz underlined that “without just and honest courts, there will be no freedom.”

The slogan of the demonstration, organized by the Clubs of Gazeta Polska at the Constitutional Court in Warsaw, was “We will defend our sovereignty.” Gazeta Polska is an organization that represents the victims of judicial injustice in Poland.

The demonstration featured a strong turnout of 20,000 people, including current and former anti-communist activists who have been the victims of the judiciary along with Gazeta Polska Club members from across Poland.

Krzysztof Wyszkowski, a former “Solidarity” activist, stressed that the opposition media depict people loyal to the democratic ideas of “Solidarity” as fascists and enemies of Europe.

Gazeta Polska posted photos from the protests on social media:

“More than 20 thousand protesters under the Constitutional Court in defense of judiciary reforms.”

Another anti-communist activist, Andrzej Gwiazda, declared that “we must bring this march to its end, to the finish line, and to victory!”

He emphasized that the protesters gathered showed that voting in elections is not only about giving responsibility to the people’s representatives, but it is also accepting responsibilities as voters.

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