Three people charged over deadly explosion in Slovakia

The blast in Prešov claimed at least seven lives

editor: REMIX NEWS
author: Czech News Agency, Tereza Horažďovská

Slovak police have charged three people in connection with a deadly gas explosion in a high-rise apartment building in the eastern Slovak town of Prešov. The blast, which claimed at least seven lives, occurred on Friday, Dec. 6.

The police investigating the tragedy did not provide any details about those charged. However, the investigators recommended the prosecutor’s office ask the court to hold the three charged people in custody.

On Saturday, Slovak media reported about six people being detained. According to the press, executives and workers of the construction company, which carried out excavation works in the area days before the explosion, were among those arrested.

Shortly before the explosion, the occupants of the 12-story house complained that they could smell gas in the building.

Firefighters and police said the number of victims in the building was eight, but so far, they have found only seven bodies. Even two days after the explosion, Slovak rescuers have still been unable to find the missing person in the ruins of the house, who is thought to be the eighth victim.

The explosion and fire had severely damaged the top four floors of the building, which, according to structural engineers, would have to be demolished. The emergency team will decide whether or not to save the rest of the building.

The blast damaged the roof and the entire internal staircase of the apartment building.

Low temperatures that have resulted in frozen water in the building have caused further complications. However, structures of the nearby houses, from which people were also evacuated, have not suffered any damage.


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