Turkish migrant dad chokes out teen football player and pulls knife on playing field named after George Floyd in Berlin

A man who choked a football player in Berlin is brought to the ground after pulling a knife.
By John Cody
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The father of a young aspiring footballer has been arrested by German authorities after storming the pitch during one of his son’s matches and proceeding to choke an opposition player before brandishing a knife and threatening to stab him.

The attack took place in the youth match between the Turkish-dominated Berliner AK and SC Staaken at the George Floyd Stadium in Berlin. The Turkish-born assailant allegedly launched into the frenzied attack after an altercation on the pitch between the 14-year-old opponent and his son.

Following the attack, a riot broke out on the pitch and the sidelines, while shocked onlookers called the police. A short time later, officials arrested the father, who was still raging and physically fighting off attempts to restrain him. The public prosecutor’s office is now investigating the man of Turkish origin for dangerous bodily harm.

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His victim, the 14-year-old boy, suffered a bruise on his neck where the suspect choked him.

“The boy is fine, but I am shaken until today,” Staaken youth leader Michael Graessner told reporters. “I have never seen or experienced anything like it, especially at a youth game. Who takes a knife to a youth game?”

The game was canceled and will probably be scored in favor of SC Staaken. The Berlin AK would like to forgo a replay.

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