Living large: Tusk spent more than €100,000 on champagne in 2018

Living La Dolce Vita with Brussels elites.

editor: REMIX NEWS
author: Super Express

During Donald Tusk’s term as the president of the European Council (EC), he spent nearly €120,000 on 4,000 bottles of champagne in 2018, according to a new European Commission audit.

Polish tabloid Super Express reported that at the end of 2018, Tusk’s office spent €58,500 on a party for 3,000 EC workers. The event lasted a whole night, featured a three-course dinner and boasted an open bar with free drinks.

In addition, almost €46,700 was spent on a European Commission family outing in a Belgian amusement park and over €28,000 splashed out on renting furniture from a high-end Dutch company.

Tusk was also spending freely in 2017. That year, €17,500 was spent on renting a shooting range and another €98,000 on a luxury recliner.


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