Ukrainian sports channel broadcasts Hungarian football matches

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In order to relieve football fans’ withdrawal symptoms, Ukrainian TV channel Sport 2 will broadcast live three Hungarian matches: the Ferencváros-Debrecen VSC first division match and the first two matches of the national cup semifinal, Mezőkövesd-Fehérvár and MTK-Honvéd, sports daily Nemzeti Sport reports.

The Ukrainian decision to choose Hungarian football was probably motivated by the fact that Ferencváros’ current manager is the Ukrainian Serhiy Rebrov, former Dynamo Kyiv striker and the all-time top scorer in the Ukrainian Premier League together with Maksim Shatskikh.

Host team Ferencváros also features two Ukrainian players, Ihor Haratin and Oleksandr Zubkov, while the guest side includes Ukrainian midfielder Yuriy Habovda and two ethnic Hungarians of Ukrainian citizenship, Sándor Nagy and Eric Kusnyír.

Led by Rebrov, Ferencváros currently leads the Hungarian first division with 53 points, three ahead of challenger MOL-Fehérvár, but it has only played 23 matches while most other teams have played 25 and two have played 24 matches.

The Ukrainian football season is slated to resume on May 30.

Title image: Ferencváros coach Serhiy Rebrov. (Nemzeti Sport/Csaba Dömötör) 


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