V4 among EU countries with best pandemic situation

Central Europe is dealing with the pandemic the most successfully out of all EU countries, according to the latest European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC) report

editor: Grzegorz Adamczyk
author: tvp.info

Poland, Czechia, Romania, Slovakia, and Hungary currently possess the best pandemic situations in the European Union. The ECDC has marked them as green on its report map.

On the other hand, Spain, Portugal, France, Southern and Western Germany, Sweden, Bulgaria, Greece, Lithuania, and Estonia have been marked red on the map.

The situation is slightly better in Italy, Austria, Croatia, Finland, and Latvia which have all been marked as orange.

The ECDC pandemic situation map is published every Thursday and is based on data filed by EU member states to the European Supervisory System data center.

When creating statistics, the ECDC takes into account criteria such as the number of conducted coronavirus tests and the index of tests with positive results.

On Thursday, Aug. 26, the ministry of health informed of 251 new coronavirus cases in Poland. Three patients with Covid-19 had died in hospitals.

So far, the largest daily number of infections was confirmed on April 1, 2021: 35,251. The largest number of deaths was recorded on April 8: 954.

Since the beginning of the pandemic in Poland, 2,887,485 cases have been confirmed and 75,332 people have died.

The index of people vaccinated with a single jab is currently 49.86 percent, and 43.95 percent of Poles are fully vaccinated with two jabs.

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