VIDEO: Black Lives Matter activists in Seattle demand White people give up their property

By John Cody
2 Min Read

A video posted online shows a Black Lives Matter mob in Seattle harassing a homeowner and demanding that they move out of their homes to fix racism.

In the footage, a male activist shouts at owners of one home, scolding those inside, accusing them of “living in a historically black neighborhood.”

“Give black people back their homes. You’re sitting there comfortably — comfortable as f**k as if you didn’t help gentrify this neighborhood,” a female protester with a megaphone yells.

A different male protester proceeds to claim that White people purchased undervalued land and homes from Black people and kicked them out. He also indicates that everyone in that neighborhood works at Amazon.

“Do you know that? Because if you don’t, now you f**king do, now do something about it,” he continued, with another activist shouting “Open your wallet!”

However, the protesters did not stop there. They also accused owners of the house of participating in “racist gentrification,” demanding that they should fix the problem.

“Give us your house, give black people back their homes, you’re sitting there comfortably… I used to live in this neighborhood and my family was pushed out and you’re sitting up there having a good time with your other white friends,” yelled the female BLM activist through a megaphone.

Cries of “reparations”, “get the f**k out”, and “give us our s**t back” can also be heard from the crowd during the video.

To avoid escalating of the situation, the homeowners decided to turn the lights off, which prompted cheers from the aggressive crowd.

Black Lives Matter protesters also gathered in Hugo, Minnesota over the weekend where they threatened to burn the town down as they protested outside the house of Minneapolis Police Union Leader Bob Kroll.


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