VIDEO: Men beat women at controversial Polish MMA fight

(Source: video picture grab, TT@Matysek88)
By Grzegorz Adamczyk
2 Min Read

The third MMA VIP gala in Częstochowa, Poland on Friday saw a series of highly controversial duels which have shaken public opinion.

Two fights between a man and a woman took place in the MMA ring during the event. The most controversial fight was the one between Ula Siekacz and Piotr “Mua Boy” Lisowski. According to commentators, both the woman and the man were clearly not professional fighters. In the end, the man came out on top, scoring a ground and pound TKO victory in round two.

Many Twitter users questioned the point of organizing such inter-gender fights in the first place.

Several users displayed their disappointment and criticism of the event, making comments like, “What the hell is going on?” and “disgusting.”

“What’s next? Punching people with disabilities?” one user wrote.

“Perhaps it’s good that she got smacked, since she agreed to it out of her own violation and one must pay for their stupidity. The organizers of this event also deserve what’s coming to them. Leftism is reaching its peak,” another person declared.

“This happened in Poland? What’s going on? Beating up women is being promoted in TV? I understand that this is considered alright while the March of Independence is not?” one person commented.

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