VIDEO: Using a two-meter Easter whip on his wife, PM Babiš calls Czechs to follow coronavirus rules

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Every Sunday, Czech Prime Minister Andrej Babiš submits a written report to citizens via Facebook. Usually, he takes this opportunity to explain the steps the Czech government has taken in the past week.

This time, however, he opted for a video with an unconventional introduction, in which the prime minister wearing a face mask whipped his wife Monika using a two-meter whip.

It is a Czech Easter tradition that boys and men collect willow branches, which they braid together and decorate with ribbons. On Easter Monday, they whip their female relatives and friends for luck and fertility using this unique equipment. Women, in return, are supposed to reward the men with colored eggs.

Usually, the Easter whip is not that long. Using a two-meter whip, the Czech Prime Minister drew attention to social distancing at the time of the coronavirus epidemic.

After the witty introduction, Babiš again called on Czechs to follow government measures to prevent the uncontrolled spread of COVID-19.

One of the restrictions is the ban on gatherings of more than two people, which, however, does not apply to families, as the prime minister explained.

Babiš appealed to the citizens to observe the rules, not to visit relatives, and to enjoy the time spent at home with their families. He stressed that compared to other countries, the Czech Republic is managing the epidemic well, and it would be a shame to spoil it.

The prime minister also summarized, as usual, the government’s action in the fight against coronavirus and mentioned, for example, the project to implement a smart quarantine.

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