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Drones, firearms, and undercover police: How Austria is preparing for increased terror threat at Easter

Austria has retained its second-highest terror alert level for the Easter holidays,…

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Ukrainians angered by inclusion of Russians in the Vatican’s Easter peace initiative

The Vatican's decision that on Good Friday a Russian and a Ukrainian…

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Opinion: We must change so our pandemic sacrifices aren’t in vain

Sweden's crime rate has continually ticked up year after year

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VIDEO: Using a two-meter Easter whip on his wife, PM Babiš calls Czechs to follow coronavirus rules

“Many of them were veterans of the victorious war against the Bolsheviks…

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Coronavirus has brought about a spiritual awakening, Hungarian cardinal says

The world will change, but we are not involved in a deterministic…

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Central Europeans use Easter lockdown for spiritual recharge

Poland has firmly requested that Russia return the Tu-154 plane wreckage on…

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