Opinion: We must change so our pandemic sacrifices aren’t in vain

By admin
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We had hoped that Christmas 2020 would be the last holiday season where we would be forced to celebrate our religion in our homes, watching Mass on our TVs or computers while only a lucky few are present in church.

But we did not manage to suppress the beast which came from communist China. Although the end is drawing closer, with its dying breath, the virus is releasing the worst venom possible while attacking our friends and family. The situation is similar throughout the whole world.

Although the Anglo-Saxon countries and Israel are making better progress in smothering the virus than continental Europe, even their situation is far from normal. A few months ago, I wrote that a virus — which is the simplest organism possible — when multiplied billions of times becomes as intelligent and cunning as the most capable enemy. Just like a swarm of bees is thousands of times more effective than any individual, a seemingly infinite and invisible number of viruses suddenly gains efficiency exceeding not only the existence of something more primitive than a cell, but even something as efficient as a human brain.

So, what is this all about? Neither the virus nor its cluster have a clue. No creature apart from a human is conscious in this world, so we cannot accuse the virus of intentionally acting to harm us. It functions within the borders established by us and the rest of nature. It works without a conscious plan even if it does look to have some sort of ill intention about it.

The question of whether the virus appeared due to the conscious involvement of humans, or only due to a series of serious mistakes, is a deeply political topic these days. We will probably not be able to answer this question.