Vote for me and I will build a McDonald’s in town, says mayoral candidate

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Włodzimierz Nowotniak is an independent running for the chair of mayor in Sokołów Podlaski, in eastern Poland. His surprising election poster reads:

“Do you want a McDonald’s in Sokołów Podlaski? If you decide YES, then I promise that if I become mayor, we will have a McDonald’s in Sokołów Podlaski.”


The restaurant chain had this to say to Nowotniak’s idea when asked by web portal

“We are glad that we are such a wanted brand that we have become part of electoral promises. However, decisions on whether we open new restaurants are made on business grounds.”

McDonald’s did reassure, that they are looking into developing their brand in smaller towns and will make sure that a restaurant will be constructed in Sokołów Podlaski.

KFC, McDonald’s main competitor in Poland, decided to parody Nowotniak’s poster to promote their food, by replacing him with their iconic Colonel Sanders:

“Mayor of all restaurants” and “Do you want more delicious chicken in Poland?” reads the ad.


Some internauts have been critical of Nowotniak’s idea, however:

“Where McDonald’s goes, obesity grows. I understand that you want to be the face of diabetes in your town?,” asks one user.

“Pathetic. This is a fast-food version of an election sausage. An unhealthy program,” mocks another.

The first round of local elections in Poland will take place on October 21st and the second, on November 4th.

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