Will the EU really end daylight saving?

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József Nagy (Most-Híd) says it’s not right that the European Union is considering ending daylight saving time due to an online poll, which reflects the opinion of only one percent of the EU.

Nagy believes that the Slovaks are losing more than gaining with the changes. Jean-Claude Juncker announced the plans of the Union regarding the time change after an online survey, which mobilized 4.7 million EU citizens while 84 percent of them agreed with cancelling the time changes.

Besides the European Commission, the European Parliament and the Council of Europe still needs to accept the resolution, the member states are divided regarding the issue. The European Parliament however voted for a similar resolution in February, when 384 MEP’s supported the change and 153 opposed it.

Nagy believes there are logical arguments why to not support the resolution. “Due to the summer time the sun shines 180 days after 7PM. Without the summer time this will be reduced to three months and we won’t have any sunny periods after 8PM,” warned the MEP.

Nagy thinks that as an alternative solution, Slovakia could change its time zone to Ukrainian, which is on the other hand impractical in the winter.

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