Bratislava mayor campaign turns nasty

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Rivalry between mayor candidates in Bratislava is reaching fever pitch. “Homos leave Bratislava” signs were spotted all around the city but Ján Mrva, the conservative candidate denies his involvement.

Mrva, who is a conservative and in the past took a stance against homosexual marriages believes that he is targeted by an anti-campaign. The candidate claimed that some groups have evident fear of losing their privileged status, but he will do everything to find better solutions for the inhabitants of Bratislava.

Martin Poliačik (Progresívne Slovensko) also commented on the incident. According to him, while Mrva is not responsible for the sign, he is a “religious fundamentalist connected with many unacceptable statements.”

The Christian Democratic Movement (KDH) believe that the anti-campaign is a mistake. “The elections won’t be about conservatism nor catholic beliefs, the elections will show who is and who is not a hostage of oligarchs” said Alojz Hlina, the president of the party, who thinks Mrva should report the case to the police as a religious hate act.

On the other hand, Peter Weisenbacher from the Human Rights Institute criticized Mrva for his previous homophobic statements. According to the public opinion polls Ivo Nesrovnal is leading the election race (30.9 percent) before Václav Mika (23.6 percent) and Ján Mrva (23.5 percent).

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