Salvini: Merkel underestimated the migrant problem

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Reminding of the recent protests after the killing of a German citizen by migrants in the German city of Chemnitz, Italian Minister of Interior Matteo Salvini said “Angela Merkel has underestimated the risk of social conflicts when she said there is room for hundreds of thousands of them in Germany.” reports.

He added that violence is not the solution, but the German government has failed and it is clear that violence only generates further violence. The rise of anti-migration party Alternative für Deutschland (AfD) “is an example of the response many dissatisfied Germans are seeking”.

Regarding his Milan meeting with Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán, Salvini said he was attempting to make the most of his contacts with every side. “Orbán speaks about the protection of European borders, offering support in the source countries and African investments and I can agree with that,” he said. Angela Merkel is proposing a distribution of migrants in Europe, with which Salvini “could soon agree”.

But the most important thing is that those in need should be offered help in staying home.

“In this respect, both Germany and Hungary are right in certain respects,” he said, adding that Italy’s current priority is to stop altogether the arrival of migrants by boat on the Mediterranean.


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