Young Czech scientist to advise head of NATO

NATO should make better use of the technological know-how of individual countries, the young scientist believes

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author: Jan Hrabě, EuroZprá

Jan Lukačevič, who on a daily basis focuses on “exploring the universe“, has been chosen by NATO to become a member of a group of young leaders, all under the age of 35, that will advise the secretary-general of the organization.

On Monday, the Permanent Delegation of the Czech Republic to NATO announced the news on Facebook. Lukačevič will become one of 14 Young Leaders from all NATO member states to provide Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg with recommendations from the younger generations.

Lukačevič is a space physicist at the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic who, among other things, organized the Energy for Medics initiative to support healthcare professionals in the fight against the COVID-19 epidemic.

“I have mixed feelings about this, from responsibility to joy that I succeeded in the difficult selection process. And also, I feel enthusiasm because I am very curious about it,” Lukačevič said in Czech Radio´s Budoucnost R podcast.

According to the young scientist, NATO brings peace and security to member countries.

“It provides us all with a relatively safe and peaceful life, but that means we also have our responsibilities. Science is one of the areas that can help fulfill these commitments,” Lukačevič pointed out.

In his opinion, however, the alliance should learn to make better use of the technological know-how of individual countries. That is a goal he would like to set for this new group of NATO leaders.

Title image: Jan Lukačevič (Instagram)


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