Zemmour: France is in a struggle for survival against the Great Replacement

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The French people are currently engaged in a struggle of survival against the Great Replacement, French author and philosopher Eric Zemmour said on the television channel CNews’ evening political talk show.

“I think the anguish felt over the end of France as it was, the anguish of the Great Replacement, has become a global feeling,” said Zemmour. “The fear of no longer being France, the fear of the famous Great Replacement. A lot of people are starting to think that Islam is going to replace us. It has become a massive feeling, a mass of 70 to 80 percent of France.”


The Great Replacement is a term coined by French author Renaud Camus in his 2010 book “The Great Replacement”, in which he proposes the theory that indigenous French people are being demographically replaced by non-European peoples. 

“Donald Trump has a brilliant formula that I want to make mine for France. We are engaged in a struggle for the survival of France as we know it,” said Zemmour.

France is undergoing rapid demographic change and has the largest Muslim population in Europe. In March of this year, influential philosopher Michel Onfray also said the Great Replacement is real despite claims that it is a far-right conspiracy theory.
“Is there in fact a Great Replacement? Demographers say yes, there is. It is very simple. There are men and women, they procreate, you have a certain birth rate, you do the calculations, make projections, and it will show a graph,” he said, pointing out that those who dismiss the idea say this will only happen in a distant future but cannot deny that demographics are changing, with ethnic Europeans moving towards a minority position in countries across the West.

“If someone on the left says ‘the Great Replacement, that is us’, the response is ‘very good’, but if someone on the right like Renuad Camus says there is a ‘Great Replacement’, they immediately cry ‘fascism’,” Onfray said.

French companies are increasingly ‘woke’

In the same interview, Zemmour also noted that corporations are shifting away from merit-based capitalism to a system largely focused on diversity at any cost.
“In large French companies, people tell me of their exasperation at the ideological pressure, transmitted by HRDs and which weighs on them. With ethnic diversity, the promotion of sexual and racial minorities … and to the detriment of merit,” said Zemmour

“The argument is that the fight for diversity is a fight against inequity,” Zemmour said. “In reality, it is the means capitalism has found to make everyone forget the real fight against inequities and to promote — within the framework of globalization — the transfer of wealth and the destitution of all the Western, European and American working classes.”

“In big companies, people tell me about the exasperation at the ideological pressure that weighs on them with ethnic diversity and the promotion of minorities to the detriment of merit,” he added.

Zemmour added that the push for diversity was and is but a means to mask the real issues.

“They said equality is outdated, now we must promote diversity, meaning promote women, the migrants, and so on,” he said. “This is a magnificent illusion. This is a trap. In reality, the exact opposite is true. It is diversity itself which is the root cause of inequities and one must again find the means within a national framework to re-establish the fight for equality. For my part, I think we must again find a way to fight for equality within a national framework. We must find again the nations, find a minimum protection level of nations (…) and halt the promotion of diversity because it is the trap that has allowed the destruction of any fight for equality.”

Zemmour also said that French capitalism — much like the German version — has sacrificed its previous values in the name of globalization.

“We (the French) have thrown our economy at the mercy of globalization, in the course aggravating the social and environmental contracts that should guide society,” he said.

Title image: French author and philosopher Eric Zemmour. (source: cnews.fr)

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