Polish PM Morawiecki announces plans for post-Covid economic recovery

The Polish economy can be one of the most innovative and productive in Europe by 2030, according to PM Morawiecki

Man fired by IKEA for quoting Bible takes case to court

Janusz Komenda has sued his employer, IKEA, for infringement of freedom of belief and harassment

VIDEO: LGBT activists act like dogs and bark at Catholic organization volunteers in Warsaw

Youth from the “Crusade of the Young” were literally barked at at by LGBT supporters who behaved like animals in Warsaw’s city center

Polish coalition government avoids collapse after United Right reaches new consensus agreement

The new deal between Law and Justice (PiS) and its junior partners entails a joint start in elections, rules on reducing ministries, and the creation of a special legislation council

Polish President Duda meets with Pope Francis in the Vatican

The president of Poland discusses coronavirus with the Pope and prays for Poland during mass

PM Morawiecki: Poland needs more modern events that teach young people about their country’s past

PM Morawiecki attended the “1920: Grateful to our Heroes” reenactment, saying it teaches ideals about "honor, patriotism, family values, and faith in powers greater than ourselves."

Poland earns $11 billion on gold investment in just two years

As Gold prices have risen by nearly 70 percent in two years, the Polish central bank’s decision to purchase 125 tons of gold have earned it a fortune

US green lights use of its nuclear power technology for Poland

Poland will now have access to nuclear technology that could give the country a serious leg up in the race for cheap and sustainable energy

Poland's opposition intends to use LGBT as a weapon

LGBT provocations are meant to cause permanent tension and conflict at both a domestic and international level for Poland, argues Jacek Karnowski, the editor-in-chief of Sieci weekly

Kaczyńsk: New Polish memorial park will help combat lies that Poland participated in the Holocaust

Ruling party leader Jarosław Kaczyński said that the new National Memorial Park in Toruń, which commemorates those Poles who saved Jews, would help combat lies about Poland's history.

President Duda fights anti-Christian attacks with flowers

The respect of the president for the history is a key, argues publicist and writer Tomasz Łysiak

Poland: 48 LGBT activists charged for Warsaw riots and attacking police

LGBT activists detained for attempting to prevent the arrest of "Margot", a trans person wanted by police for assaulting a pro-life activist

The opposition’s boycott of Duda’s swearing in harkens back to the Partitions of Poland

Polish opposition would prefer there to be no Poland at all

Military agreement between Poland and US to be signed around August 15

Nothing worrying in the Polish-American defense agreement

Andrzej Duda sworn in for second term

Duda wants a Poland which remembers its identity