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Italian townsfolk in uproar after clock tower bell ban

Residents of the small Tuscan town of Pienza were outraged when tourists…

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Ukrainian Orthodox Church rejects Zelensky’s Christmas date change

The canonical Ukrainian Orthodox Church (UOC) has announced that it will not…

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Ambassadors withdrawn, nationwide protests announced as row over Sweden’s Quran-burning intensifies

Several Islamic nations have recalled their ambassadors in Stockholm, and Pakistan's Prime…

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‘God is queer!’ – German Lutheran pastor slammed for ‘blasphemy’ during woke mass sermon

A prominent Lutheran pastor in Germany told attendees of the German Protestant…

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UK: Christian teacher who misgendered trans pupil is banned from profession

A Christian teacher in the U.K. has been banned from his profession…

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Danish Quran-burning politician banned from entering UK ahead of planned Ramadan stunt

The anti-Islam politician whose Quran-burning escapades in Stockholm earlier this year resulted…

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