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Pope Francis says couples choosing pets over children are selfish and ‘takes away our humanity’

Couples who choose to have pets instead of children are selfish, Pope…

Dénes Albert Dénes Albert

BBC and Germany on anti-Semitism top 10 list

One of the world's best-known Jewish organizations claims that the BBC British…

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Qatar seizes rainbow-colored toys deemed ‘contrary to Islamic values’

Authorities in Qatar have confirmed a number of children's toys deemed "contrary…

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Pope Francis says EU’s attempt to cancel Christmas is reminiscent of dictatorships

Pope Francis condemned the European Commission's efforts to remove terms referring to…

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Canada’s woke authoritarianism results in censoring of ISIS sex-slave survivor and Nobel Prize winner

Where a Justin Trudeau-style of enforced progressivism can lead to could best…

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‘A politically correct Disneyland’ – Notre Dame cathedral will be rebuilt in the spirit of wokeness

Recent news about the rebuilding of the fire-ravaged Gothic cathedral has confirmed…

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