Big Tech and Big Media are the true Oval Office

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The evening of epiphany in 2021 was our witnessing the end of the “end of history”.

In 1989, following the fall of the Berlin Wall and the Soviet bloc in Central Europe, political scientist Francis Fukuyama proclaimed in a famous article that after the fall of communism the only and lasting victor of the Cold War will be the Western liberal democracy. There were to be no other alternatives. In this sense, history, which had previously been defined by change, came to an end.

Hundreds of articles and books written long ago show how wrong Fukuyama was. The Yugoslavian Civil War, 9/11, the “restart” of Russian and Chinese imperial policy, and the inaccurate predictions about the fall of communism as millions still suffer in North Korea, China and Cuba. All of these facts showed that the brilliant thesis of the American political scientist was false.

Imposing censorship on the current President of the United States by “Big Tech” monopolists shows that officially even the US — the keystone of the whole liberal international order which “ended history” — has nothing to do with liberal democracy.

The word “democracy” is to no longer mean “rule of the people” but “the rule of Democrats”. Who will be the “responsible” (not “populist”), “reasonable” (not “calling for violence”) Democrat?

Big Media, Big Tech and Big Money will decide that.

The world “liberalism” has lost any sort of contact with its word of origin (“liberty”) years ago. In the US, it has meant the American version of European social-democracy for several years. Though given the taking over of the Democratic Party by declared Marxists, this is more alike an imitation of euro-communism.

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