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Donald Trump launches his own social network

Former U.S. President Donald Trump has announced the launch of his own…

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Hungarian FM: European Union must stop Big Tech from interfering in elections

The European Union must take steps to prevent Silicon Valley tech giants…

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Big Tech silences critics of German government prior to federal elections

PM Orbán had the strength to leave an EPP veering to the…

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Media owners in Poland to pay “solidarity tax” to help fight the pandemic

Two Afghans and two Pakistanis hid in a semitrailer of a truck…

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Who will benefit the most from exiting the pandemic?

The European Union has once again shown its weakness in the face…

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Polish president: “The offensive of neo-Marxist content online is powerful”

Great Britain has not seen such a drop in population since the…

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Big Tech and Big Media are the true Oval Office

Frontex says probe does 'not necessarily imply any malpractice'

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US: Google employee admits company manipulates search results in favor of Democrats in Project Veritas video

Pope Francis has turned the Vatican into an NGO in support of…

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Voice of Europe closes down following Big Tech censorship and ad service ban

The MEPs accuse the EU of systematic racism in the midst of…

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