Polish president: “The offensive of neo-Marxist content online is powerful”

President Andrzej Duda discussed the issues of modern-day youth in light of Big Tech censorship and the coronavirus pandemic

editor: REMIX NEWS
author: Sieci

Polish President Andrzej Duda admitted in interview for Sieci weekly that the pandemic period has not helped protect the values of freedom. In fact, the opposite has occurreed.

“We must wear masks, some countries impose curfew and massive restrictions on gatherings — there is little freedom overall,” he said.

The Polish president stressed that these limitations anger young people and their spontaneous demonstrations show how much they miss the feeling of freedom and yearn for a return to normal life.

In terms of threats to freedom of speech in particular, Duda agreed that Big Tech’s increase in censorship is having a serious effect.

“Essentially terrorist organizations are not being blocked on Twitter on Facebook. Several dictators can express their views and send their content throughout the world. Meanwhile, the President of the United States has been banned. That is very odd, to say the least,” he said in reference to former President Donald Trump’s Twitter ban. 

Duda pointed to the neo-Marxist content offensive which is appearing on the internet and social media.

“This is an insanely complicated problem. The exposition and decisive offensive of basically neo-Marxist content is powerful. This is being pushed by influential media outlets. This is a challenge for years to come. We must focus on it heavily, and we don’t have much time left,” Duda said

He admitted that the Right currently has no tools to oppose it, but also said that the pandemic was not a good time to hold a debate concerning ideological-philosophical issues.


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