Germany’s continued pivot to the left will empower EU institutions and harm nation-states

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In the German election campaign, the Christian Democratic Union of Germany (CDU) and the Greens are going head-to-head.

Nevertheless, recently, the CDU has gained a slight polling advantage (although the difference remains within statistical error). Yet, Poles should be most concerned not with the persona and party of the future chancellor, but the impact German elections will have on German and European politics.

Recent weeks have confirmed that Germany has pivoted to the left.

Even if the CDU (severely weakened by the loss of a substantial portion of its voting bloc) will win more votes than the Greens, it will still have to form a coalition government with one of the left parties and will have an even weaker position in that government than it has now. This is due to the even worse election results and the departure of Angela Merkel who held so much authority among the country’s public and ruling class.

While controversies within the coalition can be real, if a coalition between the Greens and CDU is reached, then the differences stemming from the choice of chancellor may concern more with rhetoric than actual policy.