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Beauty shots: Germany’s Green Party economics minister wants €400,000 for personal photographers

The stereotype is that teenage girls now spend endless hours in front…

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Hate hoax in Germany: Green politician resigns after inventing Nazi death threats against himself

The alleged death threats from neo-Nazis against Green politician Manoj Subramaniam have…

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Germany should have a meat tax, says Green Party food minister while criticizing Germans’ eating habits

Federal Minister of Food and Agriculture Cem Özdemir (Greens) has accused the…


Germany’s CDU falls into the arms of the Greens

The fall of Germany's SPD, which was already apparent in the state…

New leader of Germany’s Greens said parts of Sharia law are compatible with country’s constitution

It has been announced that Omid Nouripour will lead the Greens together…

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German prosecutors investigate Green leaders over legality of Covid-19 bonuses

The Berlin public prosecutor's office has launched an investigation into the two…

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Austrian minister uses Nazi-associated term to slam EU proposal on nuclear energy

The European Commission's draft proposal to label some nuclear and natural gas…

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Germany’s Habeck rejects EU plans for nuclear funding

Vice-Chancellor of the German Greens, Robert Habeck, has rejected EU plans to…

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The West must accept Afghan refugee quotas, demands Germany’s Green candidate for chancellor after Taliban victory

The pro-migrant German Green Party, which has long advocated for more refugees…

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The head of the German Greens faces a new accusation of plagiarism

Seven years after his "promotion" to European leadership positions, Donald Tusk has…

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German Greens experience one problem after another before elections

Afghanistan could turn into a new terrorist center

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Germany: Greens’ chancellor candidate sees popularity taking a nose dive

The country is also nearing the two percent budget demand

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Top German Green Party leaders favor proxy war with Russia

German pacifists willing to arm Ukraine

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The end of Merkel’s epoch

Jagiellonian University professor and writer Andrzej Nowak believes that Poland, together with…

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A Green Germany means a weaker Europe

Hungary's 'cocktail opposition' scores poorly in all four areas that were polled

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Germany’s Green Party wants to ban construction of single-family homes

Central Europeans are more attached to democracy

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Merkel’s CDU posts worst election loss ever in Hamburg

EU budget summit ends in failure, with Poland's prime minister blaming a…

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