It’s not about an LGBT storybook, but a way of life

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The core of the debate was never about the shredding of an LGBT storybook, but about questioning the most fundamental human values, Miklós Szánthó, director of the Hungarian Fundamental Rights Foundation, writes in a column in Hungarian newspaper Magyar Nemzet:

If it isn’t clear enough already, it is worth clarifying: The debate over the “sensitizing” storybook published in recent weeks is not about whether someone has any sympathy for homosexuals or rejects them.

No, the question is whether it is good or salutary for homosexuality to be paraded as a kind of trendy, free lifestyle and advertised as such? Is it good — is it acceptable from a socio-political and moral point of view — for children to learn early on about the interchangeability of “general gender roles” and to receive impulses that either obscure or present as fluid the differences between men and women, boys and girls?

Obviously there is much more at stake here than this single storybook, about which its supporters rightly say that a single book will not lead to a global catastrophe, neither will children turn gay at a whim, nor does this herald the arrival of the Antichrist.

This publication is, however, part of a much wider and more slippery rainbow slide, so the tales in it are not just about encouraging people not to disparage homosexuality.

It may be called “sensitization”, but the essence of the message is not to say that “it is what it is, just accept it”, but to propagate the carnival absurdity of sexual perversions by presenting them as if they were completely normal — though they are not. And of course to have a cover story, the author of this book has mingled the issue with ethnic minorities, including gypsies and immigrants.

They want to make the main rule the exception. For a long time now, it has not been a matter of achieving equality of rights, but of achieving a completely dystopian and total social equality where all patterns of behavior, behavioral reflexes and cultural codes are equal to one another in all respects — equal and thus interchangeable.

Ever since the original sin, people have always been fallible. We have many shortcomings and homosexuality is one of them, but that does not mean that it is a crime. But it doesn’t either mean that we should cease discerning between good and bad, examples to be followed or rejected, typical and atypical behavior. The real controversy is about making the exception the rule.

Most ironically, it is essentially Western civilization, and the academic mainstream in Europe, that supports the presentation of homosexual relationships that are ultimately unsuitable for offspring as an attractive, chic way of life — all in the same Europe which faces the most dire demographic challenges.

I believe we should rather encourage childbearing, supporting the creation of families, and introducing children to the natural order of the world first before turning all of humanity into a vegan collective, sipping their banana-broccoli shakes and staring at nothing in their magnificent, rainbow-colored solitude. 

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